Way of the Headband was born under a covered bridge, by a brook and a cackling fire.  It was in the forests of New Hampshire, when they were just Headband, that the way began to take shape and the sounds and words they heard in their heads sounded like something the world needed.  So they heeded the call. Now they spread the word, of rock and roll, for young and old. 

  Way of the Headband is a power quartet: A square of musical expression, a real roll of rocking.  Some may say their sound starts its vibrations upon the frequency of instinct and winds its way up the spine into something akin to a spiritual experience.  Others may say that they wake in the morning with WOTH songs echoing through their heads like errant dreams only to be relieved by a sound listening.  Any way you look at it (or listen), WOTH will make its way into your head. 

WOTH used to be a rocking trio but recently we added a fourth member.  The new energy, MC, was invited and survived the initiation into the true Way by playing his guitar through Hell and back. Listen for future recordings to hear how his guitar gained the power of the angels.  

WOTH is currently working on new songs and searching for the perfect place to record our next rocking album or two. Do we do two at once? So Keep your ears alert, join their mailing list for show dates and updates and keep walking along the way. 

  You can catch WOTH on random nights live on Facebook for their series, HBTv.  You will be surprised at who may show up!